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License Types

The following types of licenses are available for Gantt4Flex:
  • Enterprise License: the software can only be used internally, by the company.
  • ISV License: i.e. Independent Software Vendor License. For software companies that sell a product that includes Gantt4Flex.
  • SaaS License: i.e. Software as a Service License. For providers of Software as a Service solutions that include Gantt4Flex in their product.
  • ISV + SaaS License: combination of the 2 licenses above.
Only Enterprise Licenses (and related extensions and bundles) can be purchased from the Flower Platform Store. For other types of licenses or for quantity discounts please contact sales_gantt4flex@crispico.com.

Gantt4Flex Enterprise License

Gantt4Flex Enterprise Licenses and related extensions and bundles are available below, in this web page.

This type of license is available for software that is used internally within a company. Each developer needs to have a license and each deployed software needs to have one as well. E.g. if there are 3 developers working on an app, and there is a production installation => 4 licenses are needed.

The license agreement for this Gantt4Flex Enterprise License can be found here.

Delivery Method

We provide a Flex .SWC file. This file is customized for each user and it contains licensing details. After having placed the order, our sales team will contact you and request data (e.g. name of your software product). Based on it, we will generate a new .SWC file, customized for you.

Need Help with Gantt4Flex Integration into Your App?

If you need help with the integration of Gantt4Flex into your software or if you need custom development (on both client side/Flex or server side/e.g. Java) then our Crispico Services department (specialized in high quality enterprise software development) might be of assistance, at interesting rates. Don't hesitate to contact us, at sales_gantt4flex@crispico.com.

Contains 4 licenses. E.g. you can use them in a team of 3 developers and 1 production deployment; or a team of 2 developers and 2 production deployments (e.g. 2 different apps).

Includes a 50% discount compared to the price of 4 licenses + subscriptions purchased separately (i.e. $1 899 instead of $3 792).

License price: $1 899.00

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