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Gantt4Flex related news and announcements will be published on our blog: blog.flower-platform.com from now on.

This blog post talks about Gantt4Flex 2.0 plans.


This release adds some API improvements and a new feature (both related to timelines).

There is no need to upgrade production systems. This new version is needed only if you need to have more customization possibilities for timelines.

Please look at the release notes for more details.


This release fixes 2 non-blocking issues. Please look at the release notes for more details.


Please look at the release notes for detailed information about the enhancements.

There are some API modifications, especially related to context menu and actions. If you have issues please contact us.

We were originally planning to release the new version (1.1.0) at the end of last week. However there are some enhancements, initially planned for 1.1.1 that we'd like to include in 1.1.0. This will result in a delay. We expect to release the new version (1.1.0) by the end of this week.
We have began working on the new version of Gantt4Flex: 1.1.0. The items that we'll be focusing can be found in the roadmap. If you have other ideas of new features that you'd like to have, please contact us. We hope we'll release the new version in mid May. The date may vary if we'll add additional items to the roadmap.

Gantt4Flex 1.0.0 was released today. You can find here the release notes.

We have released the license types and pricing as well.

Maintenance release. Although we'll be releasing 1.0.0 soon, we issued this maintanance release of 1.0.0.M1 as it solves one bug that blocks some of our users.
We expect to release it in April. Meanwhile, if you have suggestions for the roadmap, please let us know.
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