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Gantt4Flex is an interactive and flexible Gantt diagram library for Flex.


In enterprise applications a Gantt diagram/component is often needed. However it's more a "Gantt-like" diagram; usually an "out of the box" Gantt diagram is not enough and it needs to be customized according to various business specific rules and constraints. Customizing can mean: appearance and/or interaction.

With Gantt4Flex we are offering:

  • a library that can be easily customized according to needs of the business. Flexible. Highly interactive. Highly customizable.
  • performance. Gantt4Flex is based on FlexDiagram library (our component used in the Flower Platform family of products, e.g. UML4AS - UML for ActionScript and Flex). It contains intelligent algorithms (that overcome some limitations of the Flash platform) that make possible to have a large number of graphical elements on the screen;
  • exemplary support.

As a company, Crispico is in the enterprise applications business for many years, and we know the difference between an "off the shelf" product that "might" be adapted, and a product that was designed with extension possibilities in mind, from the beginning. We also know what exemplary support means and how important this is for mission critical production applications.

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